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If you are not sure which dog you are interested in, select ***Dog-TBD*** and we will work to match with you a dog.

Contact information:

Your address

At the present time we are only adopting dogs to the US and Mexico. If you are in Canada, please check back when the Canadian border is open again
If you rent, we need to ensure your landlord allows pets. You can provide contact information below or a copy of the strata bylaw by emailing it to adoptions@bajadogslapaz.org

Other people living in the home:

How many of the following live in the household:

Information concerning the dogs you wish to adopt and how you plan to care for them

What are things you are NOT willing to work on with a dog you adopt (check all that apply):
Approximately how much do you think your dog will cost per year for the following:


Please provide 3 references other than family members. Also provide the most effective means of communicating with them (email, phone, cell) because if we cannot reach your references, we cannot process your application.

1st Reference

2nd Reference

3rd Reference

Other pets in the home

Please list the number and type of pets you have now and whether they are spayed/neutered (if none say "none"). Also list any other animals you expect the dog to be compatible with.

Pet Ownership Experience and Philosophy

Describe pets you have owned in the past (dogs, cats, etc.) Describe how long they were with you, if any were surrendered or died prematurely, and whether they were rescue/rehomed pets. Please enter "none" if there are none.
Thank you for your application. If you are satisfied with your answers, please click "Submit" below.